The Best Minivan to Import to the UK


We will highlight various features of three luxury multi-purpose vehicles (MVP) famous in the UK. These are Nissan Elgrand, Mazda Bongo, and Toyota Alphard.


Nissan Elgrand

The small engine version of this MVP comes with 2.5l V6 model CBA-ME51 and hose power rating of 187 while the larger one has an engine capacity of 3.5l model UA-E51 with a hose power of 240. This massive engine offers a better displacement and enough hose power to propel the Elgrand better

Toyota Alphard

A 4 cylinder Alphard compromises 2.4l, an inline four-cylinder model CBA-ANH10W or you can go for V6 engine model TAMNH10W of 3.0l and 220HP.  The light and small Alphard engine are responsible for its fuel efficiency.

Mazda Bongo

The bongo is rear wheel drive with five doors. With a 1.8l 4-cylinder DOHC engine and power of up to 75kw/102PS and can offer of up to 147Nm/15.0kg m. It also has an enhanced fuel economy consuming a liter for 10.2 kilometers.



Inside the japan import Elgrand you will find it very luxurious and even has a footrest and center table. It also has lighted steps and power curtains on a side and rear windows increasing occupants’ privacy, and all this can be controlled by the use of a button above the rearview mirror. To get to the third-row seat, you slide the second-row seat to clear the way.

On the dashboard, the display has various selections for entertainment, navigation, and the vehicle control functions. The steering wheel is also made of polished wood grain. With the rider model, you will get to enjoy trim, lighting and excellent sound systems.


This MVP vehicle has a three-row seat with the front and rear seats being full bucket seats. All the seats can be adjusted to maximize room for legs and cargo space. The middle and back row of seats can be folded down to create a cargo platform. And one can also opt to remove the seats instead.

Curtains are also available for the rear side windows and the rear windscreen. It also has a substantial passage and driver compartment for their legs to stretch maximally. The interior also has climate controls and entertainment center which can be seen from the second and third-row seats.

Mazda Bongo

It’s 8 seater MPV alphard hybrid that can easily be converted to a camper van. Comes with power windows- which is standard equipment. It has a partition curtain added to improve the effectiveness of the air conditioner and has a spacious interior too, low floor and high roof.


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